Publication • 2016

Forum Education

Website • 2015

Elton John AIDS Foundation

Invites • 2010/11
A set of invites and programs for the two main fundraising events of the Elton John AIDS Foundation

Reculier Pour Mieux Sauter

Publication • 2011
A commonplace book by poet and artist Anne-Marie Levine

Novo Banco Photo 2016

imagem catálogo novo banco photo 2016

Catalogue and exhibition design • 2016

ZDB: Deradoorian & Laurel Halo

Poster • 2011
A poster to advertise a show by Deradoorian and Laurel Halo at ZDB gallery, Lisbon

3+1 Art Gallery

Visual indentity • 2016

ZDB: Gatekeeper & d’Eon

Poster • 2013

Peter Piller

Poster • 2010
Communication material for a masterclass about the work of artist Peter Piller

Kim? Contemporary Art Centre

Communication materials • 2012
A set of postcards, poster and signage for Kim? Contemporary Art Centre

Musa paradisiaca

Visual sequence and brochure • 2013/14

Taipei Biennial 2012

Website • 2012

Itinerário 25 de Abril

Itinerario 25 Abril

Publication • 2014

A corridor between M & K

Publication • 2010
A small catalogue for artist Hugo Canoilas on the occasion of the above mentioned exhibition

Kunsthalle Lissabon Website *NEW

Kunsthalle Lissabon website

Website • 2016

Mika Rottenberg­

Catalogue • 2011
First monograph of artist Mika Rottenberg focusing on her 5 main video works to date with key essays and interviews


Website • 2015
for Baginski art gallery

Coro das Vontades

Album artwork • 2015

Close Closer Website

Website • 2013
part of Close, Closer visual identity

Encounters on the Walking Experience

encounters on the walking experience

Publication • 2008
Self-proposed project that took the form of a book which theme examines ways of how the subject
of “walk” was adopted by several artists over the past decades

Lab II


Publication • 2010
Journal for a collective of five fashion designers, 2nd Edition

Lisbon Architecture Triennale Website

Website • 2018

ZDB: Abril

Poster • 2012
Poster to promote all concerts at ZDB gallery for the month of April

ZDB: Dezembro

Poster • 2011
Poster to promote the several shows taking place at ZDB gallery in December ’11

Alma Bluco


Exhibition design and handouts • 2015

Costa Atlântica Portuguesa

Artist Book • 2009
An archive for a project of artist Pedro Neves Marques where the totality of the Portuguese Atlantic Coast was filmed for a period of 10 days

Lab I


Publication • 2009
Journal for a collective of four fashion designers

Good luck with your natural, combined, attractive …

Exhibition design and handouts • 2015

Close, Closer

Visual Identity • 2012/13

About the Object

Publication • 2011
Small publication for artists Amy Patton and Christina Linden

Fair Bazaar

Visual indentity • 2017

New Artists Award 2015

Catalogue and exhibition design • 2015

ZDB: Real Estate & U.S. Girls

Poster • 2009
A poster to promote a concert by Real Estate and U.S. Girls at ZDB gallery, Lisbon


Publication • 2008
A journal developed around the theme of Solidarnosc—the noticeable political event that took place in the 80’s at Gdansk, Poland

Merooficina Identity


Identity • 2014

Merooficina Website

Merooficina website

Website • 2015
part of Merooficina’s visual identity

History and Interregnum. Three Works by Stan Douglas

Book • 2015


osmosis catalogue

Publication • 2009
Catalogue and brochure for the exhibition Osmosis at Bes Arte & Finança, Lisbon


Stamp • 2010
Contribution for the publication Samizdat on the occasion of the homonymous workshop

ZDB: Ken Vandermark & Paal Nilssen-Love

Poster • 2014

ZDB: Sei Miguel

Poster • 2010
A poster to promote a concert by Sei Miguel at ZDB gallery, Lisbon

Human Snapshot

Publication • 2013