History and Interregnum. Three Works by Stan Douglas

Book • 2015

A corridor between M & K

Publication • 2010
A small catalogue for artist Hugo Canoilas on the occasion of the above mentioned exhibition

Forum Education

Website • 2015

Good luck with your natural, combined, attractive …

Exhibition design and handouts • 2015

Taipei Biennial 2012

Website • 2012


Publication • 2008
A journal developed around the theme of Solidarnosc—the noticeable political event that took place in the 80’s at Gdansk, Poland

Itinerário 25 de Abril

Itinerario 25 Abril

Publication • 2014

3+1 Art Gallery

Visual indentity • 2016

Costa Atlântica Portuguesa

Artist Book • 2009
An archive for a project of artist Pedro Neves Marques where the totality of the Portuguese Atlantic Coast was filmed for a period of 10 days

ZDB: Ken Vandermark & Paal Nilssen-Love

Poster • 2014

Lab II


Publication • 2010
Journal for a collective of five fashion designers, 2nd Edition

Alma Bluco


Exhibition design and handouts • 2015

ZDB: Deradoorian & Laurel Halo

Poster • 2011
A poster to advertise a show by Deradoorian and Laurel Halo at ZDB gallery, Lisbon

Lisbon Architecture Triennale Website

Website • 2018

ZDB: Dezembro

Poster • 2011
Poster to promote the several shows taking place at ZDB gallery in December ’11

Kunsthalle Lissabon Website *NEW

Kunsthalle Lissabon website

Website • 2016

Kim? Contemporary Art Centre

Communication materials • 2012
A set of postcards, poster and signage for Kim? Contemporary Art Centre

Peter Piller

Poster • 2010
Communication material for a masterclass about the work of artist Peter Piller


Stamp • 2010
Contribution for the publication Samizdat on the occasion of the homonymous workshop

Fair Bazaar

Visual indentity • 2017

ZDB: Real Estate & U.S. Girls

Poster • 2009
A poster to promote a concert by Real Estate and U.S. Girls at ZDB gallery, Lisbon

Close Closer Website

Website • 2013
part of Close, Closer visual identity

Encounters on the Walking Experience

encounters on the walking experience

Publication • 2008
Self-proposed project that took the form of a book which theme examines ways of how the subject
of “walk” was adopted by several artists over the past decades

Human Snapshot

Publication • 2013

Musa paradisiaca

Visual sequence and brochure • 2013/14

ZDB: Gatekeeper & d’Eon

Poster • 2013

Lab I


Publication • 2009
Journal for a collective of four fashion designers


osmosis catalogue

Publication • 2009
Catalogue and brochure for the exhibition Osmosis at Bes Arte & Finança, Lisbon


Website • 2015
for Baginski art gallery

Reculier Pour Mieux Sauter

Publication • 2011
A commonplace book by poet and artist Anne-Marie Levine

Mika Rottenberg­

Catalogue • 2011
First monograph of artist Mika Rottenberg focusing on her 5 main video works to date with key essays and interviews

Elton John AIDS Foundation

Invites • 2010/11
A set of invites and programs for the two main fundraising events of the Elton John AIDS Foundation

Novo Banco Photo 2016

imagem catálogo novo banco photo 2016

Catalogue and exhibition design • 2016

Merooficina Website

Merooficina website

Website • 2015
part of Merooficina’s visual identity

New Artists Award 2015

Catalogue and exhibition design • 2015

Close, Closer

Visual Identity • 2012/13


Publication • 2016

ZDB: Sei Miguel

Poster • 2010
A poster to promote a concert by Sei Miguel at ZDB gallery, Lisbon

About the Object

Publication • 2011
Small publication for artists Amy Patton and Christina Linden

ZDB: Abril

Poster • 2012
Poster to promote all concerts at ZDB gallery for the month of April

Merooficina Identity


Identity • 2014

Coro das Vontades

Album artwork • 2015