A corridor between M & K

A Corridor between Magritte and Mike Kelley was an exhibition built firstly for de kleine biennale/KAAP—an international group exhibition in Utrecht, 2009—, and then re-designed for Quadrado Azul gallery in Oporto
The installation consisted in a set of white doors which were erected along the space creating an imaginary corridor with a sequence of environments. The spectator would subsequently involve himself with an heterogeneous set of works which ranged from sculpture, to painting, drawing, and ultimately, performance.
The book not only documents the show, but also adds some insightful overviews over Canoila’s work. With a text by Mark Kremer—where the author explores the relation between performance and the 60′s Psychedelia and Conceptualist art while unveiling some paradoxes in Hugo Canoilas’ work—,and a text by the artist himself.