Human Snapshot

A collection of essays and original contributions from cultural theorists, photo historians, curators and artists, The Human Snapshot comprehends and systematizes the output of the eponymous international conference organized by the LUMA Foundation and the Center for Curatorial Studies, in 2011,
in Arles.
Reflecting on the themes of humanism and universalism in curatorial practice, cultural discourse and artistic production, the essays stem from a common point of departure: the exhibition The Family of Man, first shown in 1995 at the MoMA, and its critique.
This hardbound reader combines a formal layout of the text, reminiscent of an academic publication, with more unconventional visual strategies, thus invoking both the exceptional content collected therein and its disruptive, controversial nature in the framework of contemporary artistic practices and cultural narratives.
Concept, editorial design, image treatment and composition, developed while at Zak Group.