Kim? Contemporary Art Centre

Based in Riga, Latvia, kim? Contemporary Art Centre is an art institution that has gained prominence thanks to its highly tailored curatorial program. From exhibitions to lectures, discussions, a library, publications and other events, kim? fosters emergent talent and collaborations across the board.
The commission to develop a concept and subsequent set of materials for a three-month program – integrating 3 separate solo shows and multiple parallel events –, posed a two-fold challenge: to communicate the program but also to signal the center’s 3rd anniversary.
Opting for a type and language-based approach, the sentence “Novēlu jo kuplu nākotni!” (May you flourish and thrive!), picked from an old scan by Latvian turn-of-the-century artist Rūdolfs Pērle, became the key constructive element for the design. The combination of two sets of complementary typography in a dual structure is effective in creating rhythm as well as in solving the bilingual requirement for the materials.