An independent editorial project is, by nature, the product of a self made community born out of mutual sympathies that come together for a collective effort to produce a content and meaning in an object that might perpetuate it, in this case, a book.
In these contexts, strategies of distribution, circulation and dissemination become a crucial part of the work, so to overcome the common market place. Given the adversities, it is, if utmost, an attitude of effort and commitment, not only because of the idealism of the project, but also because of the will to make it reach the “ideal reader”.
As a sum of the above considerations, the stamp made for (the purpose of) this publication – and intentionally applied on the reverse of its ISBN – metaphorically uses Friedrich’s Wanderer above the Sea of Fog as the personification of an individual that takes upon himself such a project, in a mix of the idealism and romanticism that crosses this kind of activity.

Wanderer Above The Sea of Fog, 1818
Casper David Friedrich