Taipei Biennial 2012

In 2012 Zak Group was appointed Taipei Biennale’s design and art directors. Under the studio’s art direction and following the key elements of the graphic identity created, I was tasked with developing the event’s bilingual website.
Interface was a key element for this multi-function website that served the event’s extensive programming and resources as both journal, archive and daily calendar.
Containing texts that could be both downloaded as PDFs and read online, the online journal section was designed with great care to ensure a satisfying reader experience. Through an archive-like section, all participants’ work was fully accessible; browsing was optimized through a selective tool that enabled the user to highlight specific artists present in one of the additional “mini-museums”.
The site’s additional technical features included the integration of social media sharing options, calendar synchronization for selected events and a customized map. Combining both dynamic tools and organizational functionalities, the website remained relevant and useful as an information source and reference even after the event was over.